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The City of Cape Town has amended the current water by-law. Here are three of the important changes we should note.

Amendments to Section 28(20) & (21) – Metering of Water Supplied

Landlords must keep a record of consumption by every individual unit in multi-tenant or sectional title and apartments. Previously the City could have provided multiple water connections to a property which had more than one accommodation. This is no longer the case. Only one connection will be supplied.

It is now the obligation of the owner of the property, or the person in charge of the management of the property, to install and maintain an isolating valve, along with a water management device or prepayment meter or private sub meter on all branch pipes providing a supply of water to the different accommodation units. The owner will remain liable to the City for the water supplied through the primary water connection.

Section 28 is developed in the sense that where a property has different units, where the water supply to these different units is being metered with separate private sub meters, the owner of the property or the person in charge of the management of the premises needs to monitor and record the monthly water usage of each individual unit. These records must be kept for at least 24 months.

Amendments to Section 35 – Special Measurement Of water Usage 

In Section 35, the City has the power to force an owner to allow the installation of a water measuring device at any place in the water installation. The purpose of this is to ascertain the quantity of water which is being used in that specific part of the water installation. This section will be expanded to allow the City to install a prepayment meter at any such point.

Amendment to Section 57 – Wells, Boreholes, Well Points and Excavations

The proposed subsection (d) requires all owners with any well, borehole, well point or alternative water installation on their premises to register on the City’s database. Section 58 further prevents the digging of well points or boreholes without first giving 14 days’ notice to the City.

One can conclude that the above mentioned sections are progressive steps the City of Cape Town is taking in conservation and protection of our natural resource.