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The legal profession, one of the oldest professions known to man and arguably one of the most prestigious, has always been one of the stalwart guardians of society. Being regulated by a governing body, it is one of the few professions in the world that requires not only a tertiary qualification, but also admission via a court application.

The standards required of the individuals who wish to join the legal profession are exceptionally high, and understandably so, as legal practitioners are effectively the defenders of the public trust and are duty bound to uphold the law in all aspects.

It is a profession that entails long hours and an unforgiving work environment have become the norm. Of course this leads to stress levels experienced by staff, especially those who are new to a legal practice. For some hardened veterans, dealing with these issues has become a mere matter of course. But, for others, especially Millennials and newly admitted attorneys, the process is not nearly so easy. Torn between trying to prove their worth and increasing their contributions to the business, these individuals often find that they feel like they are drowning and unable to cope.

The legal profession is much more than just a career or a business, it is a calling. As a result the legal profession is filled with stoic and often overly serious individuals who have forgotten what it is like to break the veneer for even a moment to just have a laugh. It is usually these scarce individuals who believe that the only truly important thing about the legal profession is making a profit. The stoic demeanor is then carried over to the next generation of legal professionals, thinking that the stress, frustration, exhaustion, anxiety, fatigue, anger and growing isolation that they are confronted with daily are the norm.

A suggested “solution” - by Edrick Roux:

Break your seriousness and solemn demeanor for a moment or a day just to speak to your staff and your juniors to gauge their state of mind. You never know, a moment of genuine concern shown to a staff member might just make all the difference in the world, both to the business and the individual.